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  1. 1. Server Settings EXP BaseExp 10x JobExp 10x QuestExp 7,5x Party Share 25 Lvl Death Penalty 1% Drops Common 30x Cards 30x MvP Drops 5x MvP Cards 1x Other Devotion 25 Lvl Snap Dodge Off Halluzination Off 2. Features Party Leader If the Party Leader leaves the party, a new Party Leader is assigned. This does not apply if the Party Leader goes offline. Additional Exp You get 15% extra Exp per Party Member. This means: an even-share party of 5 people will receive +60% Exp (4 members * 15% Exp). So each member receives 160%/5 = 32% Exp (instead of 20%). You also get a variable bonus for each Player attacking the same Mob. Idle Players won't receive any Exp after beeing afk for more than 45 seconds. Instant Refresh Instant @referesh (or warping on the same map) without black fading effect. Alternate Outfits You can find an alternate 3rd Job Sprite (except for extended classes). At the stylist. This is paid with cash points and can be purchased either per class or in a bundle for all classes. Gepard Protected Anti Cheat so you can enjoy the game without beeing annoyed. No Delay Protection Server Side Protection to prevent No Delay GRFs. Discord Bridge Join our Discord Server and chat Ingame in the #main channel. Light Graphics Plugin Max out your gaming experience with the usage of our custom command @lgp. Look Here for more information.
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