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  1. Monster Level HP Race / Element / Size Weakness Valuable Drop Wakwak 145 194,830 Demon / Dark 2 / Small Holy - Bakonawa 156 3,351,880 Dragon / Water 4 / Large Wind Costume Box(Boss) Bakonawa's Treasure Box 140 5 Formless / Holy 1 / Small Dar
  2. Once you enter the instance, do not leave as the NPC will not let you back in. Now that you've finished setting all the traps. You now have authorization to enter Bakonawa's Lair. A strong party is recommended. To proceed further, speak with Taho inside the cave to book an instance dungeon. 1. Once inside the instance, speak to Taho once your party is buffed and ready to go. Tell him you are ready and he will summon Bakonawa. Phase 1: Bakonawa appears inside the lake. In this phase, Meteor Storms shower down, but other than that very few skills are used and it should be easy to
  3. Bakonawa Lake is where Bakonawa is said to reside. Local legends tell of a means to prevent the aquatic dragon from swallowing the moon by banging pots very loudly to deter him away.[1] Completion of the Get Rid of Bakonawa quest is required to access this instance. "I don't know what's the right decision; fight against Bakonawa or calm it by offering it a sacrificial gift. Recently, there have been more people that have been harmed by Bakonawa. There are some missing villagers, but I can't find out if they are simply missing or if they have been killed b
  4. Ridley


    Image Name Slot Description Airship's Armor Armor All stats +1 MaxHP +1000 MaxSP +100 Mdef +10 If equipped with Airship's Boots and Airship's Cloak, MaxHP +25%, MaxSP +25%, and increase movement speed. Unrefineable Airship's Cloak [1] Garment Neutral resistance +10%. Flee +20. Variable cast time -20%. Unrefineable Airship's Boots Footwear AGI +1, ASPD +10
  5. Ridley


    Image Name Level HP Size / Race / Element Rotar Zairo 113 15,900 Large / Formless / Wind 2 Gremlin 118 20,313 Medium / Plant / Water 2 Beholder 118 20,313 Medium / Plant / Water 1 Gold Acidus 130 48,430 Large / Dragon / Holy 2 Blue Acidus 130 40,718 Medium
  6. Ridley


    Aircraft - 1@air1 Aircraft - 1@air2
  7. This instance begins with you being on an airship with several other passengers. 1. Talk to all of the passengers. The conversation with Chaos, Iris, and Ferlock will advance the quest. 2. An attack will begin on the airship. The monsters here cannot be fought. Proceed to the lower deck (entrance on the east end of the ship). 3. Kill all monsters on this floor (they resemble Beholder and Rotor Zairo). Note: The monsters here will drop Airship's Boots, Airship's Armor, and Airship's Cloak at a somewhat low rate. 4. Proceed to the next floor
  8. To utilize this instance, you must have access to the space-time dimensional gap. You can get to the dimensional gap by clicking on the Dimensional Device at the top of the Midgard Expedition Camp in the new world. The Cat Hand Agent in the Eden Group will be able to assist you in getting to the Midgard Expedition Camp. Requirements Base Level 125 Rewards Base Exp 100.000 Job Exp 65.000 Cooldown 23h The NPC for this instanc
  9. 1. BG Commands @bgranked Lists out all Ranked Matches Rankings @bgregular Lists out all Regular Matches Rankings @order Sends message to all teammates in BG @leader Changes the leader of BG @reportafk Kicks the AFK player from BG @ignorebg Ignores all BG Announcements @joinbg Join the BG Queue @leavebg Leave current BG Game 2. LGP Commands @lgp Enable/Disable Light
  10. 1. Server Settings EXP BaseExp 10x JobExp 10x QuestExp 7,5x Party Share 25 Lvl Death Penalty 1% Drops Common 30x Cards 30x MvP Drops 5x MvP Cards 1x Other Devotion 25 Lvl Snap Dodge Off
  11. Our Dev's follow these Databases: Primary Sources: kRO DB: http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/ Divine Pride: https://www.divine-pride.net/ Secondary Sources: RO-MA: https://ro.mukya.net/items/ Kafra DB: http://kafra.kr/#!/en/KRO/ jRO DB: https://rotool.gungho.jp/ Tertiary Sources: Anything single server specific, like iRO or twRO events/seasonals, will be taken from their servers and websites IF we decide to use it. If you encouter a bug, and can confirm it using one of these databases, please provide your report with a link to it.
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